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Custom Event in Seville: An Unforgettable Night in the Style of the Andalusian Fair

At Cenarte, we specialize in turning ordinary events into extraordinary experiences. This past October 6th, we had the pleasure of designing a custom event for 700 guests as part of a congress in Seville. Working with a prestigious French laboratory in the pharmaceutical sector, we recreated the magic of the famous Seville Fair, an emblematic event of Andalusian culture.

The Seville Fair: Tradition, Light, and Color

The Seville Fair is the quintessential Andalusian festival, an event where the city dresses up in tradition, light, and color for a week. This unique festival in Seville is characterized by its vibrant music, elegant horses, and traditional dresses. Inspired by this festive atmosphere, we transformed the space into a vibrant replica of The Fair, creating a welcoming ambiance from the moment the guests arrived.

A Sevillian-Style Cocktail

The evening was an informal cocktail that captured the essence of Seville. We decorated the place with typical covers, lights, and lanterns, and tables and chairs in Sevillian style. The booths not only offered a variety of gastronomic delights but also became interactive workshops where guests could learn to prepare dishes like paella and sangria, and even enjoy the art of venencia and a ham cutter.

Gastronomy and Tradition: The Buñuelos of Seville

One of the night’s surprises was the presence of one of the oldest families of buñoleros in Seville, offering an authentic touch with the making of buñuelos, a traditional dessert similar to churros.

Music and Dance: The Essence of Flamenco

The night was enlivened by a group of rumbas and spectacular flamenco dancers, who with their grace and flair invited attendees to join the dance. The event reached its climax when a DJ mixed flamenco rhythms with popular hits, leading everyone to the dance floor.


At Cenarte, each event is an opportunity to immerse our guests in a unique cultural experience. Our event inspired by the Seville Fair not only celebrated Andalusian traditions but also created unforgettable memories for our international guests. Ready for your next custom event in Seville? Contact us to make your vision a reality.


An incredible evening inspired by Sevillian roots and tradition. The 7th of October has been marked in the history of Cenarte – DMC & MICE


This is an open event in a sevillian Hacienda where the guests, from their arrival, have the liberty to move from the indoor to the


The theme “Andalusian Night” can be organized in any typical venue in Andalusia but we recommend to do so in an open space with gardens


The following event’s purpose is to give the customer an approach to the Guadalquivir River (in Arabic, Al-Wadi al-Kabir). For this, different ways of transport


Cuando falta el tiempo para un almuerzo sentado o cuando ya queda poquito antes de despedirse de Sevilla, una buena idea para seguir disfrutando un rato más

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