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The Andalusian horse is an Iberian baroque horse, and among the oldest horse breeds in the world. In Spain it is also commonly known as the “Spanish horse”, or officially the “Pure Spanish” (PRE) horse. Despite the existence of many other Iberian breeds, it is the Andalusian horse which is considered quintessentially Spanish.

With this service guests are able to delve in to the elegant and distinguished culture of Andalusian dressage.

To add to your enjoyment we suggest a glass of Manzanilla, of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, while guests take in the display.

Una Noche Andaluza

Espectáculo Ecuestre


An incredible evening inspired by Sevillian roots and tradition. The 7th of October has been marked in the history of Cenarte – DMC & MICE


This is an open event in a sevillian Hacienda where the guests, from their arrival, have the liberty to move from the indoor to the


The theme “Andalusian Night” can be organized in any typical venue in Andalusia but we recommend to do so in an open space with gardens


The following event’s purpose is to give the customer an approach to the Guadalquivir River (in Arabic, Al-Wadi al-Kabir). For this, different ways of transport

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