Private Palace House

It’s about one of the favorite Cenarte’s palatial house: totally out of the localizations circle of events, which belongs to an important Sevillan family since the XVI century, has numerous living spaces: seven patios linked by corridors, hallways, squares … and as added values: its antiquity, location (only a few kilometers from the capital), and a choice of closed palatial houses for business meetings.

This localization will be perfect for a gala dinner for the launch of an elegant product: perfume, car, or gastronomic product… Each patio of the house will be enliven with a different music style, in a way that as they will progress through the “labyrinth”, the music evolves at the same time of the lighting, decor and cuisine. We proposed an Arab style for the furniture of the appetizer based on puffs, large cushions, looms, tents and candles … Dinner would takes place in the private lounge of the family, it would be served in dishes from the Cartuja with silver cutlery, and inspired arias from Seville s.XVI will be interpreted. The return to the hotel will be in horse carriages with bottle of champagne, roses and Montecristo included…

Localización aproximada